Public Gardens | Private Yards  Included in these two series are public gardens and walkways which reflect the influence of both those viewing the gardens, and the gardener's hand at creating this un-natural /natural landscape. The perfection can be unnerving, and the visual nature of the scene suddenly broken by a tree tied to a post, a water hose sticking out from a bush or a sudden clash of manufactured nature in the form of a metal tree or glass flowers. Private Yards looks at personal attempts at organizing and relating to the natural world and defining our space. As Yi-Fu Tuan would say, "Marking space place."  These efforts often miss the mark. People trying to control their environment, trying to fit in to the neighborhood and be a good neighbour, often create walls of difference. Private gardens have a long history, starting from the earliest times of cultivation when farmers often kept a separate space, clearly defined, that separated their garden from the farm and pasture lands. Today I often see a plant, shrub or tree taken from a garden centre and simply put in an empty space. However, it's lack of context doesn't cover up the gardener's thoughts and dreams. Meaning is most obvious in the mundane.